Orazio Ciancio


Tipografia Coppini - Florence - Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali

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14 x 21 cm.


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Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) s195v / 1962

 Roots and tree-trunks

(f816)Canvas, 100


50 cmAuvers-sur-Oise, 1890Photograph courtesyof the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.


When Orazio Ciancio proposed a round table conferencein which the speakers would be all the people who work onour journal, not only the very young, but also the older, moreexperienced members of the staff, it struck me as a wonder-ful idea. The title, «The Forest and Man» was and is, in myopinion, brilliant and apt. These are permanent problems forItaly, we are faced with them every day, and we do not havethe right to neglect them, or even worse, forget them.The meeting was held, and attracted a surprising numberof mainly young participants. It was proof that both the sub- ject and the moment were right.This book contains all the papers presented at the confer-ence. A glance at the table of contents is suf ficient to see howbroad and current the sub jects are. I am certain that foresterswill read all these pages, not only those who came to Flor-ence, but the others as well. I hope that the volume will besuccessfully received by another audience, other readers. Thereason behind this hope is obvious. It is only by knowing andunderstanding the thoughts of the Italian scientif ic forestrycommunity that those who work with the land and the land-scape, as well as the problems of mankind in Mediterraneanand Alpine Italy will obtain a clearer picture of what is hap-pening in our mountains, on our hillsides. They will succeedbetter in their work if they reflect on what they read in thisbook and in other recent publications about the forests. Onceagain they will see that humanity is in the centre of each thought, each initiative, each undertaking and enterprise.